VM Air Gap Sensor

Air Gap monitoring (Rotor/Stator)

VM™ Air Gap Airflow

Capacitive Air Gap Measuring Chains
U.S. Patent No. 11125795
VM™ AIRFLOW sensors are designed with apertures, thus limiting obstruction of the ventilation holes. This combination of holes makes it possible to adapt to different machine stator designs, and let cooling air pass efficiently through each sensor. VM AIRFLOW air gap sensors are easy to install without removing the rotor or poles. These sensors are resistant to chemicals and solvents commonly used during installation. During operation, they are immune from strong magnetic fields, carbon dust, and deposits of oil. Each VM AIRFLOW air gap measuring chain is composed of a passive, non-contact capacitive sensor that measures the distance between its surface and a metallic target. The raw signal picked up by the sensor is sent to a conditioner through a triaxial extension cable to be converted into a linearized 4 to 20 mA signal. Different measuring ranges are available to adapt to different machine air gaps.

VM3 AIRFLOW: 1-20 mm
VM5 AIRFLOW: 2-42mm